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Walking In Humble Spirit

Walking In Humble Spirit

Humble. It’s a word we don’t hear too often these days. In our modern culture, we are driven to “have it all.” We feed our egos with more money and accomplishment. We push our children to excel before they’ve even learned to walk. The result is stressed-out, empty lives.


Why should this be? Why does more equal so much less in the material world? In Jenny Lee’s book, Walking in Humble Spirit, she explains that humans have lost the art of humility. Humility is the key to higher consciousness and enlightenment, and ultimately, the nourishment of our souls. Only through connecting with the spirit realm and the universe as a whole can we finally find true peace and fulfillment.


For you, the reader, Walking in Humble Spirit is a giant first step in that direction.

A Few Words From Michael Cormier, Co Author of Walking In Humble Spirit

When Jenny Lee asked me to co-write her new book, Walking In Humble Spirit, I jumped at the chance. I saw it as an opportunity to further the studies I’d begun when I wrote my first novel, Sumner Island, a few years back.

By studies, of course, I mean investigation into the unseen – but ever present – realm of universal consciousness. I had grappled with the subject in Sumner Island, but to my frustration, I had only found myself able to explain it in the widest terms. What I really wanted was to bring it down to a personal level, one that any average person can understand, accept and – most important – live their life by. Continue Reading…..


“Walking in Humble Spirit by Jenny Lee is a wonderful book to add to your collection. She tells her story in a way anyone can understand. It is insightful and is a must for anyone who is on a spiritual journey. This book was written with Spirit in mind and I like the fact that not only does it tell Jenny’s journey but how we can all connect with spirit guides.”


“It’s a good read with detailed and comprehensive explanations of all aspects of the spirit realm and our human connection to it. I would highly recommend it to anyone walking through or door with questions about opening it training their own psychic abilities”

Mona Hilde

Why you’ll

love it


This Is That Book

Ever since Jenny began helping others with her readings, remote viewings and healings many years ago, she’s been asked by countless people when she might write a book to help others learn what she knows. This is that book.



Walking In Humble Spirit is Jenny’s biography. It takes you through the journey of her life and her experience growing up with gifts.


Spirituality and Religion

What’s the difference and why should you care?  Learn to understand the difference between the two.



Walking In Humble Spirit Book

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